Reinventing Business Origination

The commercial lending landscape is becoming more dynamic and solutions to help lenders address challenges like time to market, increase revenue, lowering the cost to income ratio and improving risk measures are essential. Our intuitive modular platform enables policies & processes to be readily implemented enabling lenders to integrate with legacy platforms and the latest fintech capability to deliver an outstanding customer experience.


Credit Value maXimizer

CVX is a platform that provides all features needed by a non-retail lender to originate and manage a relationship. It has been architected so that any vendor or legacy solutions can be integrated into the platform, providing a seamless and efficient experience.

Probability of Default Based (PD) rating
Financial statement and credit analysis
Reports and analytics
Limit Management
Grouping and profiling
Risk-based pricing




Our applications integrate the different functionalities in origination, delivering a highly-efficient process that lowers cost-to-income ratios and reduces time-to-market.


Flexible analytics and reporting

The analytical capabilities enabled by our integrated platform ensure senior management to better organise their portfolio by leveraging rich risk and return information.



Whether sourced from lender systems, input by users, or from external sources – CVX aggregates a wide range of data to drive better analytics and advanced AI tools.


Measuring risk

Our applications enable rating of Risk (Probability of Default or PD) and collateral evaluation (Loss Given Default or LGD) along with other policies for consistent use by front line and credit personnel.


Optimising returns

Our applications manage complex risk pricing decisions in an intuitive manner, allowing bankers to determine the appropriate fee and margin structures that they should aim for.


API-driven EcoSystem

Our open architecture allows lenders to plug in the latest fintech solutions from a wide range of partners and ready-to-go connectors.